Couscous Salad
While I was in school and analyzing nutrition/wellness, the number one issue I was asked was”How do I lose weight?” Or a similar query:”How can I maintain the weight I’ve lost off?” And if it took me all four years in school to invent my”best” answer to such questions, it finally boiled down to a simple thing: moderation.

That’s obviously a very simple response, but I am convinced that’s how best and most powerful way to lose or keep weight. Yes I have heard the numerous success stories of people losing a lot of weight via the most recent fad diet, or other intense procedure of weight reduction. However, in my view these methods are not sustainable and research reveal that the majority of people who lose fat in these manners gain it back.

For me personally it is eating wholesome about 80 percent of their time and fretting about 20 percent of their time. Exercising for me would be exactly the same that I don’t exercise every day and also the strength of my exercise undoubtedly changes; but I still do remain busy in a greater percentage (let’s say 80 percent of the period ) instead of becoming inactive during the day.

Eating healthful in moderation might be challenging — no, I am certainly not ideal at my 80/20 principle — but I have discovered meal snacking to be the very best approach to keep me online. When I’ve a meal ready beforehand, it’s a lot simpler to prevent snacking, snacks, or other unhealthy meals. If I am ready, it is a lot simpler to follow my own goals and eat healthy.


While I had been going to school I meal prepped religiously. Each Sunday I’d create fries, breakfasts (normally overnight oats), and prep out veggies/grains for dishes I would be making this week. Doing so made it a lot easier to eat healthful meals all week despite a complete course load and 2 part-time tasks.

From the spirit of trying to eat healthy for the year, I will be sharing a few of my favourite healthier meal prep recipes along with you throughout the month of January!
Even when you are not into meal supper, it’s still possible to use these recipes for daily wholesome recipes. I have produced this distinct couscous salad several times — once as a dinner with a few fried chicken, and yet another batch was keeping me and the boys complete for lunches This recipe makes 4 ample (mature ) dinner portions, and absolutely fills up 6 meals snacking containers for 6 dishes during the week.

I do not mind eating the exact same thing for lunches weekly (particularly when it’s as fantastic as this Greek Couscous Salad), however if you are concerned about getting sick of the exact same thing it is easy to halve the recipe, then use another dressing table for several days, or even change-up the veggies to every meal.

The Way to Produce Greek Couscous Salad as a meal prep Alternative:

  1. Get 6 equal-sized meal prep containers, and 6 small containers to your dressing table. You will want to put away the dressing individually to prevent the salad becoming”soggy.” You may purchase bulk grooming containers, utilize miniature (dressing-sized) Tupperware containers, or perhaps utilize little snack-sized plastic totes.
  2. While the couscous is cooking, then prep the veggies. The veggie prep does not take too long since the vegetables are chopped . I urge 3 bell peppers, a British cucumber, a red onion, parsley, and cherry tomatoes. All these are chopped and split evenly among the 6 container. It’s extremely simple to change-out these veggies into the others of your choosing, according to personal taste.
  3. I utilize chickpeas as the most important protein inside this salad. You can roast the chickpeas if you would like to create them crispy (add some great seasonings or simply freshly squeezed salt !). Instead various sort of legumes or a fantastic grilled chicken could be yummy!
  4. Finish it off with a few freshly grated salt pepper, a wedge of lemon (which you will squeeze right before appreciating ), some additional chopped parsley, and some feta cheese!