What’s MEXICAN STREET CORN (ELOTE)? Mexican road corn, also called Elote, is grilled corn that’s lathered in a combination of mayonnaise, sour cream, cotija cheese, chili powder, garlic, and cilantro. This Mexican Street Corn Soup includes all of the tastes you enjoy from Mexican road corn all bundled up into a comfort food soup that is to die for. Who loves Mexican road corn? I have taken all those yummy flavors, added a few, also forced it into a tasty soup that’s absolutely killer! It is hearty, filled with corn, and topped with cheese, bacon, and jalapeno. What is not to adore? Not only is this soup completely delicious, it is also quite simple to make. It is read in under 20 mins! I’ve a feeling you are going to be making this soup repeatedly and over again. It is easy for you to become a household favorite.

If you would like to ditch a soup or stew, use equal parts fat and bread. The flour has to be mixed to the fat right for the best outcomes. This enables it to evenly spread in the liquid when it’s added. If you have added your liquid and you also would like to add extra flour into thicken your soup, then whisk your flour to a small quantity of the hot liquid in another bowl. When you’ve got a liquid slurrythen pour it back in the soup more than heat and stir till thickened. If you enjoyed this recipe you might also be interested in my recipe for True Carne Asada. It is among the most well-known recipes on my site. If you prefer Mexican tastes, you can not fail with Carne Asada.